What is the technology behind the FESS?

FESS Chain is built with the most sought after combination of advanced Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

FESS Chain is dedicated to solve the existing problems of security and scalability in the blockchain space. Additionally it will optimize the existing scenario of electronic settlement systems.

The primary objective of FESS Chain is to create a Universal Settlement System(USS) on our own blockchain which offers both security and high transactional speed at the same time. Also, our platformance will be augmenting for a Fiat-less Economy and Integration of all possible practical use cases with blockchain.

FESS Chain offers a super secured multi-layered blockchain with a unique authentication which verifies every transaction with the highly diversified and secure Bitcoin Blockchain and/or the timestamp of that transaction. This makes our blockchain practically unhackable that too without compromising the speed.

FESS Chain enables fragmented and parallel processing of transactions to increase transaction speed by reducing data load on the blockchain.

FESS Chain will be able to process 400 to 950 transactions per second(TPS) once it will be fully operational.

Our concept is very much similar to sharding, except a minor tweak. We will have no definite number of shards. It will actually be dependent on the load of the chain in terms of size of data into processing, at a particular instance. Our AI driven hybrid codes will determine the load and depending on the requirement, parallel processing will occur. Since this is directly proportional to the load and data this algorithm will increase our TPS in meantime .

The working of Smart Contracts of FESS Chain is more or less similar to other blockchains but on our platform multiple smart contracts can be executed simultaneously.

FESS Chain is already highly secured owing to a multi-layered authentication method involving the timestamp of a transaction and Bitcoin Blockchain. Apart from that, we have also implemented BIP32 Transfer Protocol and a Proof of Proof(PoP) Mechanism to ensure top class security standards.

FESS Chain is a completely decentralized platform which leverages all the underlying features of blockchain technology i.e Trust, Transparency and Security.

Our in-house DApps will be a powerhouse to innumerable use cases. Online Fitness Training Application, an exclusive Supply Chain, a content sharing platform have already that we have started off with.

Yes, FESS Chain does have an ERC20 type native utility token.

600.000.000 FESS tokens will be available for distribution in various phases through a token sale mode.

FESS Chain’s AI powered technology will create one or more sub-chains and transfer excessive data on to these subchains, depending upon the need of our blockchain i.e depending upon the existing load of data on our main chain.This will essentially reduce the load on the chain and increase the transaction speed simultaneously.

Please refer to our Roadmap.

FESS Chain has been created by Mr. Durga P. Tripathi and Mr. Praveen K. Sahani who have been serial entrepreneurs and successfully executed several tech projects in the past. They have a strong hold in the blockchain industry and are experts in the core development & blockchain implementation.

We believe in the essence of blockchain technology which is all about transparency and real time tracking of data. We value your support and time, hence we are looking to keep you updated in real time as and when we progress with the project. Hence we will be presenting updated roadmaps throughout the project.

We are looking into all the possibilities regarding ICO launch and token sale. We will update once finalized. Keep following us on our social handles to keep abreast.